We're Doing It For The Children!

2009 Wirral News Champion Team of The Year Award and Green Flag Winners In Years 2012/2013/2014/2015


The 'Go Green' Penguin that was in Liverpool's Williamson Square is in pride of place in our our Play Area...
Our Mosaic Project involved over 100 local Children in 3 separate workshops. The Installation Work is Now Complete

It's a Park. It's a playground
It's where young people play
It's where dreams are made
And never fade away

It's a wide open prarie
It' a secret garden too
It's all you want it to be
It's your dreams come true

It's a ship on the ocean
A rocket to the moon
It's where hours are minutes
And over too soon

It's Cowboys and Indians
It's girlie things too
It's thousands of things
It's dreamtime come true

It's a place for tomorrow
Each childs shining light
A place where they all dream of
When you kiss them goodnight


The removal of the Slide and Climbing Frame equipment in July 2007 was due to reports by the ROSPA  organisation
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Equipment Removal July 2007

Archaeologists in the Park 

A Zebra In The Park

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Our Friends of Meols Park community group are winners of the Wirral News Champion Team of the Year Award for 2009