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The 'Go Green' Penguin that was in Liverpool's Williamson Square is in pride of place in our our Play Area...
Our Mosaic Project involved over 100 local Children in 3 separate workshops. The Installation Work is Now Complete

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Meols Park News...

Meols Park Play Area 6th August 2009

History of Meols Park

Meols Park is also known as Meols Lower and Upper Greens. The Upper Green consists of the Recreation Playground and the large grassed area with a football kickabout area,whereas the Lower Green is the grassed area adjacent to the Great Meols Club and Bowling Green. Meols Park straddles both Greenwood Road and School Lane. The Railway Inn public house and St Andrews Church are both neighbours to the park.

The small football pitch area has five a side goalposts in place, this being a very popular section of the park.

Around 20 years ago, the playground section of the park was fenced, in order to keep animals out as there was a big problem with dog fouling. The fence is still standing (well only just) and still serves as a deterrent.

There were at one time some fairly decent grass tennis courts in Meols Lowere Green park which the council decided approx 12 years ago to get rid of and for some time the area was just left to vegitate, altough there are now two picnic tables, a dog dirt bin and a few shrubs.

This year, just as the children had finished school for the summer holidays, a couple of council workmen turned up in a white van and proceeded to cut up and dismantle the slide and climbing frame. When approached they said that they were summoned to do so in light of an apparent annual inspection made by the council and the subsequent report made by ROSPA who were paid by the council to make out a report.


The removal of the Slide and Climbing Frame equipment in July 2007 was due to reports by the ROSPA  organisation
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Equipment Removal July 2007

Archaeologists in the Park 

A Zebra In The Park

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Our Friends of Meols Park community group are winners of the Wirral News Champion Team of the Year Award for 2009